I havent updated in 21 days. I mean, I knew I had commitment issues but that's bad.

Anyways, I've started a journal where I'll be posting icons and anything remotely arty instead of this one. So, *drumroll* here it is! Eccentrickk Icons!.
I'm also going through a Tumblr addiction, so let me know if you have one.

I've now done 1/4 of my Biology, Psychology and ICT courses. The first two exams (I think) weren't that bad, but the ICT one could've gone so much better. I thought I'd need to understand the differences between clients and servers, extranets and internets, etc. But apparently not, I had to discuss the ethics of social networking. Ethics/Morals isn't particuarly my strong point, so I've probably failed ICT, if not all three.

Lots of bad stuff has been happening regarding my family as well, so I've had a bout of stress-related symptoms from that.Today was my last day at work, I've started to order stuff off the internet for the first time. I've read the Vampire Armand,  and I'm going to sell the PS3 but I'm unsure whether to buy an Xbox with the money or an new graphics card, halp guys D:
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Random Explosion!

Tron Icons!

Really sorry I haven't been on much LJ, I've been tied down with Mock Exams and work and stuff. Anyways, today I went to see Tron: Legacy and it was SO incredible I had to make icons when I got home.

Hope you enjoy!
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