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eccentrickkid's Journal

Hello! The name's Annie (my real one is longer and people tend to misspell it so we'll stay to Annie).

Can I say now, no friending if you're just gonna sit there like a toad I have to poke with a stick. In other words; I'd prefer it if you friended me so we can talk as oppossed to friending simply for the sake of having a big f-list.
I like to think I have good manners so if you comment me I'll definately comment back but as mentioned before; I don't particularly like having unresponsive frog on my f-list.

Serious business aside, I'm still relatively new to livejournal and therefore HTML so please be patient. You're probably wondering about me now so here's a preview:
I'm English, enjoy tea very much, I wish to visit egypt and other parts of the world to see ruins of ages gone by(probably never going to happen though) and I'm agnostic.
Enjoy the journal!